Accelerating children's development in the early stages

My Experience

Some of my recorded accomplishments as an Autodidactic Infancy Cognitive Training Specialist:

• ability to ride public transit without assistance (I’m present at arm’s  length) 

• separates recyclables: compost and trash 

• ability to complete Indoor Rock Climb venture (with my assistance for safety reasons)

• ability to unlock dead bolt door, exit, enter and relock dead bolt door as preparation for emergency exit 

• safely enters and exits as well as navigate around the pool

• develop bedtime routine with correct use of bathroom amenities and brushing teeth unassisted

• unloading dishwasher and correctly stores the items removed

Why Me?

In 1994, I became extremely curious about the development of children, and more specifically, about the development of their cognitive skills. My curiosity about the infancy stage was peeked and I began experimenting with the development of individualized curricula to promote greater independence among the children I worked with. And so in 2001, I made the decision to become a self-taught infant childcare worker having had only two courses from High School in Parenting and Child Care. I used my curiosity to identify how much information an infant was able to take in and respond to. The results were shocking! Eighteen years later, I have gained the ability to accelerate an infant’s development in a loving supportive manner. According to the milestones set by the Ministry of Children in Canada, I have successfully advanced the infancy cognitive stage over a year ahead of what is normally expected of them.

Work hard, Play hard