private EARLY childhood


Accelerating children's development in the early stages

My Experience


Some of my recorded accomplishments as a self-accredited Infancy Cognitive Training Specialists:

• Infant able to ride public transit without assistance (I’m present at arm’s length) 

• Infant separates recyclables, compost and trash 

• Infant can Indoor Rock Climb (with my assistance for safety reasons)

• Toddler able to unlock dead bolt door, exit, enter and lock dead bolt door

• Toddler entering and exiting pool, getting around in the pool

• Toddler maintained bedtime routine, with use of bathroom, amenities and brushing teeth

• Toddler unloading dishwasher and organize while putting items away

Why Me?

I advance infancy stages beyond North American traditional educational training provided by schools, including but not limited to psychology and cognitive studies. To prove my findings, I made some video that showcase the advancement of my Infancy Cognitive Training that I have created myself over the last decade. Since 2001 I have been observing and interacting with infancy which lead to remarkable results.

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