private EARLY childhood


Accelerating children's development in the early stages

My Experience

Some of my recorded accomplishments as a Autodidact Infancy Cognitive Training Specialists:

• Infant able to ride public transit without assistance (I’m present at arm’s length) 

• Infant separates recyclables, compost and trash 

• Infant can Indoor Rock Climb (with my assistance for safety reasons)

• Toddler able to unlock dead bolt door, exit, enter and lock dead bolt door

• Toddler entering and exiting pool, getting around in the pool

• Toddler maintained bedtime routine, with use of bathroom, amenities and brushing teeth

• Toddler unloading dishwasher and organize while putting items away

Why Me?

In 1994 I started volunteering at my local church where I was exposed to traditional child rearing with careful nurturing hands on learning. While volunteering I noticed the connections between the information the children received and their response to that information over 5 years time. My curiosity for how the cognitive functions work in the infancy stages were peeked. In 2001 I made the decision to become a self-taught infant childcare worker with a Parenting and Child Care course from High School. I used my curiosity in information intake to see how much information an infant was able to take in and respond. The results were shocking. 18 years later of practicing with several infants and how their cognitive functions work, I have gained the ability to accelerate their development in a loving supportive manner. According to the milestones set by the Ministry of Children in Canada, I have advanced the infancy cognitive stage over a year ahead of their time.

Work hard, Play hard